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Yeti 100/100K/50Mile Washington

June 28th, 2024 @ 7:00 am – June 29th, 2024 @ 1:00 pm PT

The East Coast version was so popular, we couldn’t resist bringing this event out to the West Coast! The Washington Yeti 100, like it’s big sister race, is perfect for first-time 100 milers or those looking to run sub-24. The course is along an old Rails to Trails route through the central Cascades of Washington: all the views, summits, and energy without all the tough mountain climbs. The trail will take you through scree fields, valleys, and a 2.3-mile-long tunnel, all while running on crushed limestone at a grade no greater than 5% (and usually much less). Come join us and experience the fun and magic of the Yeti trail runners, West Coast edition!

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quick details

Date: June 28-29 2024
Where: The Palouse to Cascades trail, Washington state
Start time: 7:00 am Start/Finish: Hyak Trailhead
Buckle:100 Miles
Smaller but awesome buckle: 100K
Amazing 50 miler medal ! Elevation gain: 4000 ft
Course type: Out-and-back on Rails to Trails trail
under the mountain Run through the 2.3 mile-long Snoqualmie tunnel twice
Trail surface: Crushed limestone, mostly smooth surface
Cut off times for the 100K /50Mile is the same for the 100 milers . Cut-off 30 hours

mandatory equipment

A Cup – this is a cupless race. cups account for a large majority of race trash. Please have collapsible cup for soda and most importantly please also carry a cup that can handle hot liquids like broth and coffee. I like using a foam coffee mug or camp style collapsible.

Course Details

Please read the below about course changes for 2024 . Over the last few years we’ve seen a lot of people drop out near Cle Elum. So this year we plan to shorten that section for the 100 miler to Easton ! I expect this will create a lot more finishes and faster times !
100 Miles
Hyak Trailhead : Start/Finish
The 100 mile course will start and head out past lake Keechelus towards Easton and turn around and come back through Hyak continuing on towards Cedar Bluff ( upper rattlesnake parking ) 100 mile runners will turn around and go back through Hyak and to Easton for the last turn around to the finish at Hyak !
This will relieve a lot of pressure of crews and traffic getting out to Cle Elum and will also allow runners to bypass their home base ( car at Hyak) more.

The 100 mile course will start and head out past lake Keechelus and turn around and come back through Hyak continuing on towards Cedar Bluff ( upper rattlesnake parking ) 100K runners will turn around and go back to the finish at Hyak.

50 Miles
The 50 Mile course will start at Hyak and head out to the waterfalls coming into the lake and turn around and head back to Hyak and continue on to Cedar Bluff ( upper rattlesnake parking ) 50 Miler runners will tirn around at Cedar Bluff and head back up the valley to the finish at Hyak !!


Ultrapacer – Use Ultrapacer to guide your race:

Ultrapacer Plan 50kUltrapacer Plan 100kUltrapacer Plan 100 milers

Diversity & Inclusion Policies

Criteria for AWD Entry

Criteria for AWD Entry

  • AWDs must be able to run the course
  • Tethers may be used for athletes with a visually impairment
  • Leg prosthetics may be used for amputees.
  • Crutches, braces, or poles may be used if indicated/necessary, with approval from the RD.
  • Since the course is a trail through the mountains, it is not suitable for athletes in wheelchairs (see more on this below).
  • AWDs must be able to finish within the 30 hour cutoff.

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Inclusion Matters

O ne of the things we strive for is to create inclusion and equality in the running community. As much as we want to say that all you need to run is a pair of shoes, we know the reality is much more complex. To create intentional space for people, the Yetis want to make it clear that our races are for everyone.

Entrance Policy for Transgender Athletes

We will accept each entrant’s declared gender at face value, and no additional supporting evidence is required. Athletes may register as the gender they identify with.

Entrance Policy for Non-Binary Athletes

People whose gender is not male or female; including but not limited to: genderqueer, agender, bigender. We want to acknowledge, respect, and provide opportunity in the registration process to express their desired pronouns. Please email after registration and we will amend our records as Ultrasignup does not currently have that option.

Refund Policy

Shi!* Happens

A s a runner it’s inevitable that you’re going to register for a race that at some point later on you’re unfortunately not going to be able to start for one reason or another. It happens to all of us, especially as race registrations need to open months in advance of the races themselves, and life happens during those interim months: Injuries, work, family emergencies, etc.

We assure you we get it; we really do. And we strive to be as understanding and cooperative as we practically and financially can. But just because the race hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean we haven’t already incurred significant expenses related to that race. We pay taxes on the income from the entry fees; we pay for permits, insurance, and supplies (including race shirts, buckles and other awards) For all of these reasons and more we cannot offer refunds, deferrals or transfers.