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Director’s notes

2020 was about finishing !! 2021 is about pushing yourself !!
Do the 2021 challenge and then record your time in our self reporting results !
Now you have from Jan 1- April 1 to beat your posted time or if you PRd you can let it ride !
Do you have to beat your time ? No
Would it be awesome if you did ? hell yes
You must stick with the original format
Run or Walk 5 miles every 4 hours for 24 Hours !
What happens if I dont complete ? you have 4 months to try again ! Never Give UP !!
What happens if I still dont finish ? dont stress, there is NO DNF ! if you dont record a time you will not be included in the results but we dont think that way- You got this !

Since its timed – A medal and shirt is included with your entry ! Please make sure your address is correct !!

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