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Dam Yeti 50

Saturday, Jun 1, 2024 @ 7:00 AM

Registration Opens Fri. Nov 24, 2023 @ 12:00 AM ET

This is a great first timers course and a great course to chase down a PR !!!
This is a cupless race ! if you don’t have a cup we recommend the Ultraspire Cup.
A hydration pack/bottle is mandatory.

The race will start from Whitetop the beginning of the Virginia Creeper Trail with 9.8 miles of downhill to the first aid station Taylors Valley. These miles are effortless and offer some of the best views of the national forest. From Taylors Valley you continue downhill for another 6.9 miles to the town of Damascus .From Damascus you will travel to the small town of Alvarado where the aid station is located. Between Damascus and Alvarado there are tales of a magic broken pepsi machine that dispenses magical potions ! From Alvarado you will continue to Abingdon Station which marks the end of the Virginia Creeper Trail 55kK runners will turn right and finish at Wolf Hills Brewery.50 mile Runners will turn around at the Abingdon aid station and make there way back to Watagua and then return to Abingdon Station and make a right to Wolf Hills Brewery to the Finish !!


Whitetop Station


55K Cutoff- 9:59:59
50 M Cutoff-13:59:59

Race Overview
This is a point to point race. You will be shuttled from near the finish area to the start line.

Start: 7 am-Whitetop Station
Finish: Wolf Hills Brewery- Abingdon, VA
When: Saturday , June 1st 2024
Where: Shuttle leaves from Abingdon Trailhead @ 6am race morning.

Athletes With Disabilities

Criteria for AWD Entry

  • AWDs must be able to run the course

  • Tethers may be used for athletes with a visually impairment

  • Leg prosthetics may be used for amputees.

  • Crutches, braces, or poles may be used if indicated/necessary, with approval from the RD.

  • Since the course is a trail through the mountains, it is not suitable for athletes in wheelchairs (see more on this below).

  • AWDs must be able to finish within the 30 hour cutoff.

Refund Policy

As a runner it’s inevitable that you’re going to register for a race that at some point later on you’re unfortunately not going to be able to start for one reason or another. It happens to all of us, especially as race registrations need to open months in advance of the races themselves, and life happens during those interim months: Injuries, work, family emergencies, etc. We assure you we get it; we really do. And we strive to be as understanding and cooperative as we practically and financially can.
But just because the race hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean we haven’t already incurred significant expenses related to that race. We pay taxes on the income from the entry fees; we pay for permits, insurance, and supplies (including race shirts, buckles and other awards) For all of these reasons and more we cannot offer refunds, deferrals or transfers.