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we run trails

Races, Events, and Swag for Yeti Runners

Our Mission

The Yeti Trail Runners were formed in 2011 with a mission to move the trail ultra running community forward by developing strong relationships in our community parks and forests.

how we got started

A Backyard Race

Jason Green created the Yeti Trail Runners to see if other folks were out there like him. He decided to host a race in his backyard. After the first race he hosted, he spent some time writing down what he wanted to achieve with the Yeti Trail Runners. Important to him was; giving back, being inclusive and welcoming to all no matter age, sex, gender, ability. No boxes for 1st place to stand over everyone but a community that gained satisfaction in the success of others.

Jason continues to run ultra races and has now ran over 100 ultramarathons and still claims he hasn’t learned a damn thing on how to run them and still makes sure that the Yetis are open and available to all. He even puts is mobile number on the bottom of every email as he believes in knowing every single Yeti when they reach the finish line of a yeti race

what we do

We’re taking trail running to a new low.

We Care For Trails

We maintain existing and advance new trails throughout Georgia. With a strong belief in preservation, we leave trails better than when we found them.

We Hosts Races & Events

We host immersive races and vibrant events that bring the trail running community together.

Meet Jason Green

Meet Jason Green, the trailblazing spirit behind our community. Jason’s passion for the wild, untamed beauty of the trails and his dedication to bringing people together through running are what fuel our collective adventure.