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       How To Pick A Local Running Store  

 Picking a local running store can be very intimidating but with our quick and easy checklist, we can help you find the perfect fit.

1.Do they have wall art or mall art ? If they have the standard mall art pictured below make a quick exit. If they have photos of local running legends crossing finish lines on the wall then you can proceed to # 2.

2.Walk back to the office and take a look in the employee fridge, if its stocked with craft beer proceed to # 3. ( if there is only sports drinks and water, get out quick )

3. Make your way to the bathroom, if you find trail porn, celebrate and proceed to # 4. (If not,pee and dont wash your hands )

4.If you've made it here there is only one last item on the check list, the important store run calendar. If they have costume runs where people dress as their favorite beer , you've found the right place.







  1. Be prepared to hear the word “shit” at least a hundred times during a race.

  2. Have real Coke at the aid stations or we ain’t coming back.

  3. Paleo? The RD’s mom just spent all week baking beer bread for

    the PB&Js, you’d better be having some.

  4. We all grew up going to church every Sunday and eating

    afterwards. Be prepared to feast after the race.

  5. Don’t bring your family’s heirloom bowl full of sweet potatoes.

    We like to drink and raise hell. It will be broken.

  6. Don’t say anything about the South not having mountains. We

    turn molehills into mountains.

  7. We give hugs not handshakes.

  8. We don’t give a shit about the new Spring ’14 shoe release. We

    shop the discount bin at the local running store.

  9. Don’t call anyone by his or her first name unless you’re at their

    momma’s dinner table.

  10. In the West you have no trespassing signs, here we have

    something a little different: